Portage Northern Defeats Portage Central Again 3-2

PN2009SoccerLogoIn the rematch PN defeated PC in the Conference Game last night with Bailey Burchette getting the game winning score.

“It was tough to know what to expect because we both played really tough matches last night against ranked teams,” Northern coach Todd Wells said. “It was hotter today and both teams were running on tired legs, so it was a battle for sure.

“We started out really fast and set the pace early on. Maybe should have scored a couple of goals in the first half there, but they held us off. It was a great game – It’s the second win for Northern over Central, and for our girls it’s always a huge game and an unbelievable rivalry. Emotionally it’s a really big game to get up for and to beat them twice says a lot about the girls.”


Gull Lake 1 Vs Portage Northern 0

PN2009SoccerLogoTough loss for the Lady Huskies 1-0.  A suspect goal at 1:30 into the game was the difference.

Portage Northern coach Todd Wells said he was still proud of the result.

“We forced the best of them, which is great for our girls,” he said. “Our schedule is not weak — so for us, it’s an honor to keep a strong schedule. We’ve lost five 1-0 games, and a lot of those games were against good teams.”


East Kentwood vs Portage Northern

East Kentwood 1 Portage Northern 0

Liz Kimmel made five saves for Portage Northern (7-9-1)

“I thought it was a really good game,” Portage Northern coach Todd Wells said. “They carried play in the first half, but we carried play in the second. To play a team like that and do well, we’re just working on getting better with every game and we feel like we’re accomplishing that.”

Portage Northern travels to Richland Gull Lake on Monday for a conference semifinal game.


Portage Northern VS Gull Lake

PN2009SoccerLogoA few bad calls by the ref and the final score was 0-2 Gull Lake.   “Northern always plays us tough,” Gull Lake coach Jeff Corstange said. “They’re young defensively, but solid in the backfield.”  Maggie Harma made two saves in the shutout effort for Gull Lake.  “We know what kind of offensive talent we have,” Corstange said. “We put pressure on other teams, knowing they have to leave other people in back. We switched up our formation in this game to see how Northern would react.”


Hackett vs Portage Northern

PN2009SoccerLogoPortage Northern wins 1-0 with the lone goal scored by Kelsey Lewis.  Liz Kimmel made one save.


“It was a tough game for us tonight, because Hackett defended really well and put a lot of players behind the ball at all times,” Portage Northern coach Todd Wells said. “We had to try and play balls through their defense, which was difficult.  “We were doing a lot of attacking tonight, so our defenders didn’t have a whole lot of work, and luckily Kelsey came through with a fantastic goal to give us the lead.”